About us


“Commitment to Quality”

The focus vision of NEOMEDIC is applying advanced technologies for the development of high quality products at the most affordable prices in the field of health care. The Healthease range conforms to our standards for safety, convenience and user-friendliness, providing high quality for the discerning health professional and medical consumer who is cognizant of true quality.

Neomedic has roots that date back more than 30 years with an ethos based on strong principals of appreciation, commitment, communication, dedication, integrity, reliability, responsibility, understanding, and finally unity.  Our roots are in our family foundations and our principals are key ingredients of a strong and successful family.  Likewise, any business founded on the basis of these strong family principals is likely to survive the trials and tribulations of economic cycles as well as be in a position to provide continuous support to its customer base.

Our humble beginnings were in the distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products in various African countries as agents to various multinational companies from where we expanded into our own brands and the manufacture of our own products. The company has now grown into various divisions spreading over several continents and various countries serving customers with the same family like principals of its founding members. Today, depending on the country of distribution, we are involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, surgical products, cosmetics, consumables as well as medical devices.

Despite our growth and success over time, we rely on our founding principals to guide us in the spirit of service to our customers.

  • Appreciation: Every member in a family must have a sense of appreciation for one another. This principal extends to our business whereby every member of our organization has a deep founded sense of appreciation for one another which allows for a better workflow and finally a superior and more complete product. This sense of appreciation culminates in our attitude to our customers.
  • Commitment: This aspect of family while important with respect to human relations in our business also reflects in our outlook on our products and customers. We remain committed always to our products ensuring the highest quality standards and likewise commitment to our customers is tantamount to our quality principals.
  • Communication: While important in every organization for efficiency and a smooth operation, we also are persistent with this aspect when it comes to our customers. We promise to listen to the needs of our customers, assess their concerns, and respond within a reasonable period of time.
  • Dedication: When members of any organization portray this characteristic, the result is a more successful outcome. Our focus is to foster a culture of dedication within every individual in our organization, and consequently the best possible outcome for our products and customers.
  • Integrity: Achievements cannot be long term without integrity. Our vision is to be here today, tomorrow, and for years to come with the intention of serving our customers with honesty. Our scruples play an integral role as part of our values.
  • Reliability: We depend upon one another within our company to complete our tasks and embrace our responsibilities to the best of our abilities. Our customers can rely on us as a company that will be there to communicate with them and provide reliable products, feedback, and service.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible to each other in our company and likewise we are responsible to our customers, consumers, and distributors for our actions and products. Human error is understandable and natural, however without responsibility there is no fix.
  • Understanding: As the world continuously evolves, so does everything in it including companies, products and all living matter. Understanding how to handle change, accept change, and evolve with this becomes a very important aspect of survival. Without understanding, it is impossible to embrace change and move forward for the better good of all.
  • Unity: We’ve all heard of “united we stand, divided we fall” and as clichéd as this may sound, there is a lot of truth in the phrase. At our company we stand united in blame, united in praise, and most importantly united behind our customers and distributors.

In summary, we are a company with strong principals and we promise to go above and beyond your expectations. Our uncompromising commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is testament to our loyal customer base and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.